An elite team of IT pros

Our approach

We specialize in taking 100% responsibility for the secure, efficient resolution of our customers’ technology problems. Whether we are integrating commercial software into a complex environment or creating software from the ground up, we seek first to understand the problem to be solved along with its related business constraints.¬†We partner with our customers’ business and technical teams to define the problem to be solved so that we can design its most appropriate solution.

We understand and do not lose focus on the fact that our solutions must fit comfortably and securely into a much broader environment. Our designs take these broader requirements into consideration as we achieve a natural integration of our solution into the existing environment.

For solutions requiring custom software development, we specialize in Microsoft technologies, specifically SQL Server, ASP.NET, MVC, the .NET Framework, and IIS. Our most junior developer has over 15 years of experience creating software using Microsoft and other industry standard technologies. Our team goes well beyond simply meeting functional requirements. They are true craftsmen who create well-structured, well-documented code, keeping reuse and maintainability in mind at all times. Also, they consider security and performance (along, of course, with the functional business requirements) as essential from the very beginning of the design process – never as mere afterthoughts.

Finally, it is our project management that contributes to the successful execution of projects as we take it well beyond the traditional approach of simply keeping a list of ordered tasks, tracking percentage complete and due dates. Instead, we take pride providing what we call “highly technical project management.” Our PM has over 25 years of technical hands-on experience designing and implementing systems mixed with exposure to business consulting (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley auditing), requirements analysis, and managing the successful resolution of complex business problems. Our PM is intimately involved in all aspects of each project from their beginning to their end, serving as a bridge between the business stakeholders and the developers, forging a single, effective team focused on a common goal.