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Our projects

Peckham, Inc.: we have worked with Peckham for nearly 10 years, filling numerous roles on many different projects, including the following:
o Systems integration and technical project management. DanlHos managed the effort to integrate a warehouse management system (WMS), including coordinating efforts between internal Peckham business staff and the WMS vendor installation team.
o Database (SQL Server) administration. DanlHos is responsible for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of all development, testing, and production SQL Servers throughout Peckham’s enterprise.
o Research & Development. DanlHos is helping Peckham to determine how it can safely and securely move some of its IT systems to the Cloud.

The U.S. Dept. of State (DoS)
o Requirements analysis, design, and technical project management of National Passport Information Center’s customer management system. DanlHos led the effort to integrate this system (used by over 400 agents to handle over 5 million passport inquiries annually) into the Dept. of State’s intranet, meeting both the call center’s business requirements and DoS’s security requirements.
o Requirements analysis, design, implementation, and technical project management for the creation of an intranet appointment system used by U.S. Passport agencies nationwide. DanlHos collaborated with numerous DoS business, technical, and security staff and contractors while meeting the requirements of the Department’s system development lifecycle. DanlHos is currently working on the second phase of this project, the creation of a public-facing Internet website with which the public may interact with this system.

The U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
o Systems integration for Dept. of Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). DanlHos (along with other contractors and Peckham staff) designed and built fault-tolerant and redundant infrastructure and installed a COTS IT ticketing system on it. DanlHos’s area of responsibilities were the installation and configuration of the database and application tiers of the system, making sure these properly implemented all of the DoD’s security controls (and met the COTS technical requirements).
o DanlHos designed and built a custom intranet helpdesk portal.
o DanlHos was in charge of the administration of the mission-critical remote control network appliance used by all help desk agents.
o At the request of DLA, DanlHos designed and documented the sensitive data leakage response SOP on the IT ticketing system. On multiple occasions DanlHos led the effort to sanitize the COTS IT ticketing system after a leakage occurred.

The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)
DanlHos led the effort to gather requirements for an enterprise help desk portal serving multiple USDA agencies, to implement the portal, and to integrate it with a cloud-based IT ticketing system.

Michigan State University (MSU), College of Arts & Letters (CAL)
DanlHos worked with MSU faculty to understand their objectives for a website for a full-length feature film documentary produced by CAL. DanlHos designed and implemented the website, organized its content, and coordinated effort between CAL and MSU technical staff for hosting the website.